[Books] Top 10 Books I Read In 2017.

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Tis me, alive (almost) and well (debatable) and writing reviews again.

Today I’m going to list my favorite 10 books of 2017, which was, in my opinion, a sh*t year overall but a good book year. I hit my Goodreads goal (100 books) in October (?) Or September, and ended the year on an excellent note with 144 books and an overall rating of 3.4 stars because I’m a very picky person.

Back to the main subject of today, my top 10 books were actually very hard to choose, I read some of my favorite books of all-time during the past year, and narrowing it down to only 10 books physically hurt me, so after some struggling, here are my best reads of 2017:

10- The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee: ★★★★


I read this in the summer, I started it having very low expectations because of all the hype surrounding it, but oh my god did it exceed my expectations. The book is about Monty, a guy born to be a gentleman, but who isn’t one, to his father’s dismay. The book follows him, his best friend Percy and his younger sister Felicity on their Grand Tour of Europe and their adventure, and did I mention that Monty is gay? Read it, you have all the elements of a wonderful book there.

9-The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: ★★★★★


Best romance read of the year, it got me so addicted that I literally couldn’t put it down for the whole night until I finished it, needless to say, I looked like a zombie all through my classes the next day. The book is told from the perspective of Lucy Hutton and tells the story of how she falls in love with her arch nemesis Joshua Templeman who is also her co-worker (As in, they’re legit in the same office) Okay, so Mckenzi Lee’s writing style is amazing, she made a plot that is supposed to be a cliché seem so appealing. Second, the characters are so nicely made and it’s such a fresh breeze in a world where trashy romance novels are everywhere and anywhere. Lastly, there is just a thing about this book that is so amazing and I CAN’T NAME IT, so yeah, just read it :’)

8-Hunted by Megan Spooner: ★★★★★


Probably the best retelling of Beauty and the Beast that I ever read. The story follows Yeva (aka Beauty) whose father loses his fortune and has them live in his old cottage in the woods where he’ll be trying to regain his reputation as a hunter by hunting down The Creature (aka The Beast) but when her father goes missing, Yeva has to take matters into her own hands if she wants her family to survive, and the retelling unfolds from there. I loved this book so much, it kept true to the original fairytale in all its aspects, even the mystic feeling that goes with these legends was there. I just simply adored it.

7-*When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi: ★★★★★


The only non-fiction book on this list, and one of my all-times favorite. The story follows the late author, Paul Kalanithi, through his diagnosis and battle with stage IV lung cancer, the terminal stage for which almost nothing can be done. This book is an emotional ride, that’s for sure, but it’s also very beautiful and inspiring in its own way.

6- A List of Cages by Robin Roe: ★★★★★


I dived in this book completely blind to everything, I didn’t even read the synopsis, and I’m thankful I didn’t. The story is told from the perspective of Adam Blake, a high school senior with ADHD and Julian, his foster-brother whom he haven’t seen in 5 years and who seems to not be the same person Adam once knew. Anything else I say might be a spoiler, but my advice is this: Don’t read any reviews (Even spoiler free ones) just dive in and you’ll appreciate it.

5-*Solitaire by Alice Oseman: ★★★★★


The story of how I came to read this amazing book is actually a funny one. Last year, I bought Night Circus and was so hesitant to read it because of the hype surrounding it and because I was afraid I wasn’t going to like it, so I asked my friend to recommend me a book that was a bit similar to Night Circus, she was apparently groggy from sleep (Considering that I called her at 7am) and instead of saying Caraval, she said Solitaire (Her excuse, later, was that they had similar covers) so I dived in completely oblivious and without reading the synopsis, I knew something wasn’t right by page 50, because um, hight school setting? what? Still, I’m grateful for that little mistake that made me read this phenomenal book. Also, Michael Holden, book boyfriend amiright.

4-*Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi: ★★★★★


First of all, that cover. Secondly, that cover. This book is the third installment of the Shatter Me series by the incredible Tahereh Mafi. I Meh-ed my way through the first book (Mainly because of that tool Adam), I liked the second book, and I lived and died for this one. The story development was amazing and THAT.CHARACTER.GROWTH.OH.MY.GOD. I literally still go back to this book half a year later just to read some of the scenes because it was totally badass and amazing. Also Kenji. That’s all I’m going to say 😉

3-Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia: ★★★★★


This book follows the story of Eliza Mirk, the writer of a high-scale, incredibly popular web comic, her real life though? Not very exciting. Enters Wallace Warland, the writer of the most popular fan fiction of Eliza’s Web comic. This book is 3rd on the list for two reasons: One, The mental illness representation is wonderful, Eliza suffers from Severe anxiety and depression and it’s refreshing to see an accurate description of two of the most crippling and awful things that anyone can suffer from. Two, the actions of the characters were very realistic, there was no coddling and “Love fixes everything”, it was brutal, but it was true, and I liked it a lot.

2-A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J.Maas: ★★★★★


Do I even need to say anything?

1-Air Awaken Series by Elise Kova: ★★★★★


This includes: Air Awakens, Fire Falling, Earth’s End, Water’s Wrath and Crystal Crowned. And I know that’s cheating but I honestly don’t care, I was going to only include Water’s Wrath and Crystal Crowned, but then I was like nah, I liked the whole thing so I’ll include everything, sue me. But yes, best series I read in 2017, even though it wasn’t published in 2017, it follows the story of Vhalla Yarl, a library apprentice in the Solaris castle, and her life as a magic she isn’t sure she wants is unearthed from her forcefully. It’s amazing, read it.

Honorable Mentions: 

-Whispers and the Roars by K.Webster: NO RATING


Review here.

-Wintersong by S.Jae-Jones: ★★★★★


A beautiful mess of a book. It has all the elements of a wonderful fantasy, dark characters, imprecise setting and a whole lot of confusing powers. I don’t know how to explain it better, I don’t think I understand it fully yet myself.

Books marked * are books that weren’t published in 2017.

So yeah, that’s it for my favorite 2017 reads, I’ll (Hopefully) be back tomorrow for a review of my first book of 2017 Everless by Sara Holland.


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